Terms and Conditions

COVID 19 We operate under the traffic light system and government laws. A Vaccine Passport & ID is required to stay at Dunluce B&B and we have health and safety procedures in place to keep our guests, staff and visitors at Dunluce as safe as possible. Dunluce fits under the 'hospitality' sector and serves food and beverages.

Booking and Payment Policy

A credit card is required to hold your booking - payment is are taken on arrival. All card details are held securely with our online merchant Wincave. 

A pre approval check will be made on your card when details are entered - you may see a $1.00 hold on your statement.

Dunluce has credit card facilities onsite or contactless e-commerce payment option. Pre payment via credit card or bank deposit is available. 

Payments for for activities booked through Dunluce will will also be processed on arrival - you will be issued a voucher to provide the operator, cancellation policies for individual operators will apply. Dunluce can arrange bookings for most operators in town.

International Policy - excluding Australia and NZ

We are happy to hold a booking and welcome you in the near future - Dunluce reserves the right to cancel any reservation if borders between NZ and your country remain closed so that we can accommodate internal travelers. Dunluce will give at least 30 days notice if any upcoming reservation is cancelled.

Tariff includes the New Zealand Goods and Services Tax of 15%

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations Due to Covid 19 - We offer FREE cancellation for COVID19 Travel disruptions that mean you are unable to travel to Te Anau

Cancellation within 3 days of arrival date: 100% forfeit of the total booking price.

Cancellation within 1 week of arrival: 50% of the total booking price.

As a small boutique business cancellations make it hard to re-sell the rooms at short notice.

All packages have a 7 day cancellation Policy


International Policy  

Cancellations within 2 weeks will incur 100% full tariff  

Cancellations within 30 days will incur 25% tariff

Cancellations Due to Covid 19

Our the condition that your booking was made when international borders where open to travel to NZ; we will not charge if International boarders close unexpectedly or if government levels change within New Zealand preventing you to travel to Te Anau. For advanced bookings made when  borders to NZ are closed our Standard International Policy will apply.